Travel: photographer Jorgen Klausen goes to Italy


I wrote about photographer and sculptor Jorgen Klausen awhile back, and have since wanted to feature some of his travel photography. He and his wife Beth go on a trip every year and he always comes home with stunning shots which he then makes into a book to commemorate the trip. This past year they traveled to Sorrento, Italy to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary!!) and I badgered him into sharing some of his photos with us. Jorgen really captured the spirit of the place with his shots of the people, the vistas, the colours... he says you really have to see it to experience it, but I won't be going to Italy anytime soon so for now I will just live vicariously through you, Jorgen!

Here they are, along with a few lines about the trip:


What were some of the highlights from your recent trip to Italy?

We were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary so it seemed appropriate to return to the charming town of Sorrento. We had been there before and loved it. The food is amazing, especially the pastries, the wine is excellent and the people are interesting and I enjoyed photographing them. The beauty of the Amalfi coast has to be seen to be appreciated. The ancient churches, the lemon trees lining the streets, the views of Vesuvius from our hotel room were all highlights.


Why do you enjoy taking photos while traveling?

The people, historical architecture, especially the old churches which are absolutely breathtaking & seeing things that are totally different from my normal life.

How does travelling inspire your work as an artist?

Exposure to new things, the lighting, the ancientness of the buildings. Actually everything cries out to be photographed. Even the people seem to be more intense and interesting.


Where do you hope to travel next?

I would love to go back to Iceland but I'm actually thinking of going to Newfoundland next.