Preview: Little Cloud Kites


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One of my favourite features in this issue is this one by ceramics artist and writer Yolande Clark. She wrote about kitemaker Leland Wong-Daugherty of Little Cloud Kites and it makes me want to go out and fly a kite! Well maybe in a few months when it's warmer... Yolande's story gives us a little taste of the warm summer breeze and the beautiful triangles of colour you might see floating way up in the sky.

"I feel that the kite is a bridging of spirit; it’s a close connection to the spirit world because it’s made of such little stuff—it’s material, but because it’s so ineffable, it’s closer to the spirit realm. There are all these these symbolic aspects: the thread connecting us, connecting heaven and earth.”  Leland Wong-Daugherty

Here are two of his kites:





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