Liam Caines dance photos by Grace Caines


Grace Caines is a talented dancer and photographer who lives in Moncton, and is also a good friend of mine. She grew up in the Philippines, where she studied dance and taught for years, gaining tons of experience and expertise as both a dancer and choreographer. Grace came to Canada five years ago when she married Brennan Caines from Sussex, NB, and settled in Moncton where she began teaching dance at DancEast. Her dance background crossed paths with her love of photography quite naturally in the past few years in the form of dance photography, as she started doing dance photos for some of the students at DancEast.  Oddly enough, there happened to be a Caines who is a top-notch classical ballet dancer, Kingston, NB native Liam Caines.

Of course, because we lived within 100 km of each other and that’s just how things work in the Maritimes, I know Liam too. We were in the same ballet class waayyy back at Port City Dance Academy when we were still learning pliés and port-de-bras. He was the only boy in our class, and showed serious promise even then. It’s no surprise that he is now one of the main men in the corps de ballet of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

So, put a dance photographer and a ballet dancer in the same family and of course you’re going to get some dance photos out of it! When Grace showed me these shots I just knew I had to share them. They look like so much fun. I wish I’d been a fly on the wall (or kid on the street) watching Liam doing grand jetés across Wentworth street…



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