The Great Creative Postcard Exchange - Postcards!


(Postcard sent to me by Amy Ross)

In March I started the Great Creative Postcard Exchange, putting a call out for anyone who would like to make an original creative postcard and send it to someone they've never met and receive one in return. I had over forty people across the creative spectrum, from professional full-time artists to "I'm not an artist but I want to make something". It was great to see people jump in from all over New Brunswick, even all the way to British Columbia! Everyone seemed to really enjoy both the making and receiving of postcards.

I even got to make one myself and I had a lot of fun with it! See at the bottom ;)


I thought I'd share a few of my favourites from the first round.  From colours to textures to materials, the postcards were as varied and creative as the people who participated!

If you want to see more, you can search the hashtag #greatcreativepostcardexchange on Instagram and Facebook.

Sunset by Adam Gavel


Woven paper postcard by Deborah Payne


Watercolours by Donna Mulholland


This card was handprinted with handcarved stamps and hand embroidered by Erin Jeffrey!


Ocean postcard by Christa Martin


Watering can by Cindy Hawthorne


Abstract painting by Tammy Cassidy


Flowers by Mary-Ellen Kennah


And finally, this is is the one I made! I had recently fallen in love with weaving...


Want to join?

People enjoyed it so much that there were several requests for a second round, so here we go! If you'd like to participate,send me your name and address at mh(at) Join up and get a beautiful surprise in the mail!