Great Creative Postcard Exchange - round 3!


Do you love getting mail? What about beautiful, handmade mail? Yes! I started the Great Creative Postcard Exchange because I, like everyone, love seeing something that is not a bill or a flyer in my mailbox!

We've done two rounds of the GCPE, and people really enjoyed receiving creative beauties in the mail. Friendships have even been formed through this endeavour! I know of two fibre artists, one in the north of New Brunswick, and one in the south who bonded and shared a visit after I paired them up as postcard partners. You never know where one piece of mail will take you!

Join the Great Creative Postcard Exchange to make and receive a handmade postcard in your mailbox! It's loads of fun and you can flex your creative muscles too. Anyone can participate, you don't have to be an artist to make a postcard. You can use ink, paint, collage, yarn, anything that will lay flat and stay together through the post.

Here's how you join:

  1. Send me your mailing address at

  2. Make a postcard, any kind of postcard

  3. Mail the postcard to your partner

  4. Wait for your postcard to arrive in the mail

  5. Post your postcard online using #greatcreativepostcardexchange !

I do ask that by joining you commit to following through with sending a card. In the last round I had several people not receive a card, albeit some because of unforseen extenuating circumstances. Receiving one is half the fun, so please consider this before signing up!

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Who knows, maybe a few will make it into the next issue of CreatedHere magazine!

Get making and get mailing :) MH

Here are some examples from previous exchanges: