Five on the fifth at Gallery on Queen

Nadia Khoury

Nadia Khoury

On May 5th, Gallery on Queen will be opening the show "V". Owner Nadia Khoury asked curator Roslyn Rosenfeld to select five artists and curate a show of their works. The artists are Muriel Bell, Carol Collicutt, Greg Charlton, Sarah Petite and Angel Gomez, all with a long and rich artistic career behind them. This show aims to showcase artists who have reached a level of maturity and self-expression not attained by many in their field while continuing to break  new ground and evolve in their work.

I asked Nadia to tell us a bit about the show and what makes it so special:

"This show is an unusual twist on Commercial galleries as we have invited a guest curator Roslyn Rosenfeld to select the artists and the work . (As we had in the past with Virgil Hammock doing " Artists Under 35" which was a hit.)

Roslyn's choices embrace a broad range of work featuring five experienced NB artists, whom she has known for the last 30 years and has seen their career unfold.

These five artists have all shown together for years and it has been a while since they exhibited together so we wanted to create this opportunity for them. They all have very diverse approaches and concerns, but also with intriguing interconnections. This exhibition continues our important focus on contemporary art with artists who explore the technical and conceptual characteristics of visual art.

I am  looking forward to seeing the Gallery transformed completely with whole new body of work from these artists who have shown incredible skill and maturity in their work.

To see Muriel's work after years of not showing is exciting and to I look forward to hearing the stories from the artists behind each piece."

Here are the five artists, who are also a part of #100NBartists.

Don't miss the show opening at Gallery on Queen in Fredericton this Friday!

#18 - Greg Charlton


#19 - Carol Collicutt


#20 - Muriel Bell


#21 - Angel Gomez (click here to see his profile)


#22 - Sarah Petite (click to see her profile)