Call for submissions: Issue #8

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Issue #8 Form

It's time! The 8th issue of CreatedHere magazine will explore the concept of form. I'll be looking for submissions in three categories, sculpture, metal and ideas. I am excited to be collaborating with Allison Green and Kerry Lawloron this issue, both talented artists and faculty of the New Brunswick of College of Craft and Design who are passionate about CreatedHere's vision and mission. Check out their most recent work, The Gem, a publication highlighting NBCCD's students, faculty and alumni. You just may see more of them in the future!

Sculpture is art taking physical shape, formed by hands into something that was not there before. Metal is a unique material that must be worked with fire and force in order to form it. This issue will explore how metal is used by contemporary artists in New Brunswick to bring their concepts to life. There is also room for other mediums as we explore how ideas take shape.  The process of clothing creativity with matter is one that every artist must grapple with.


Forming material, the human form, the art of giving shape to emotion. Artists who work in three dimensions, any media, who bring forms to life through their hands. How do the forms you make transform the spaces they inhabit? How does the human form figure in your work?


Metalworkers, jewellers, send us your portfolios. We are looking for short bios and high res photos, and more in-depth studio features or stories are welcome as well.


How do your ideas take shape? How do you form an abstract concept or a passing fancy into a physical work that can be shared and enjoyed? Artists in any medium may apply.


Call for submissions will close on Feb 1st at midnight.

Submissions in a variety of formats are welcome, articles, stories, poetry, artwork, etc 200-800 words.

1-5 high resolution photos are a necessary complement to any submission.

For tips on putting together a submission, click here!

We look forward to seeing what you have to share,

MH, Allison and Kerry