Call for submissions: Issue #5

Liz Miller Good Fibrations

Liz Miller Good Fibrations

With Issue #4 just behind us (still available here!) I wanted to get started on Issue #5. The last issue featured many ceramics artists and I've decided to continue featuring a specific medium with each issue, along with a theme to give some variety. Issue #5 will feature the medium of fibre and the theme of healing.  You do not need to be a fibre artist to pitch for this issue, other mediums that fit with the theme will also be considered! All submissions are subject to editing for size and length.

Here are some suggestions of what we are looking for, between 400- 800 words, 5-6 photos. You can submit an interview, a story, a poem, so be creative!

  • Artists who work with fibre in interesting ways

  • Artists who use their work to promote healing, or who have experienced healing through art in some way

  • Short bios and portfolio photos of artists who work with fibre

**Submissions close February 22nd at midnight**

 Some tips for your pitch:

Be familiar with CreatedHere, the ethos and style behind it - make sure it fits with our audience and the overall voice of CreatedHere; personal, positive, and with a creative spin.

Think through what makes a good story - why do people want to hear about your story? What is interesting about your creative journey, your process, your studio? Are you working on an interesting collaboration?

Make sure it is original - not previously published, in print or on the web.

Collaborate - if you are not a confident writer or photographer, or aren't comfortable "tooting your own horn", enlist the help of a friend who can!

If you're not sure of your idea, do shoot me a message and we can work together to come up  with something that will work.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch here. I do have an outline for how to conduct and write up an interview with an artist, which I can send upon request.

I look forward to seeing what you've got!