Call for submissions: The Fashion Issue


Even though I'm *still* hard at work on Issue #5 (kids + injuries + winter = ugh) I thought I'd better get a head start on Issue #6 - and I am SO excited! This upcoming issue is the meeting point of two of my biggest passions, everything local and fashion. I have so many awesome things planned...

We have many talented designers in this province but unfortunately no one really knows about them. And with the current state of the fashion industry with its huge environmental impact and human rights violations, we have to start thinking differently about fashion, closer, slower, more local. Unfortunately, the higher price of handmade clothing often is a roadblock to people buying local. This issue will give a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry, what it takes to succeed, and why it's worth the price tag.

So, I am looking for submissions touching the fashion world. Clothing designers, accessory designers, fashion photographers, even artists who are inspired by fashion. Whether you are making it as a full time designer or working on your passion in your free time, I'd like to hear from you.

**Submissions must be emailed to mh(at) by  June 21th at midnight (12 pm)**

Submissions should include:

  • short bio

  • 4-6 high res good quality photos

  • relevant contact info (web, social media...)

Please help spread the word!


PS I will read each and every submission, but may not be able to respond to everyone. Thank you in advance!

Olivia Barlow-Burke

Olivia Barlow-Burke