#100NBartists : Ceramics artists from Issue #4

Tim Isaac

Tim Isaac

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Here are four ceramics artists that were featured in Issue #4 of CreatedHere magazine. They were a part of the mini-bios series, and I wish I could have given them more print space! So here they are in a little more detail. One thing I love about clay is that it is so versatile and can look incredibly different depending whose hands are molding it. There are as many types of ceramic art as there are ceramic artists! Pick your favourite ;)

You can pick up Issue #4 - Ceramics/Rural living online here or in local shops and galleries!

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#11 - Tim Isaac

Tim Isaac

Tim Isaac

Tim Isaac is a ceramics artist who is known for his raku fish (in collaboration with potter Karin Bach who designs the fish), which are fired in a big metal container and yield unpredictable but always delightful results. He also does more organic shapes like mirrors and vases, often incorporating stones in his work. I particularly love his pieces with the faces poking out, which I remember seeing even as a kid, long before I knew who Tim was. Tim loves to travel for inspiration and also is a talented musician, a part of several music groups. He is a well-rounded artist who is recognized for his consistent and gorgeous work.

#12 - Valerie Jean


Valerie Jean is an aboriginal artist who is in love with clay. She works her magic with mud, creating forms that channel the spirit of her people, the Mi'gmaq. Valerie graduated from NBCCD in 2012 and has been building her business ever since, participating in many group exhibitions throughout the province. What I like about Valerie's work is that she doesn't limit herself to one niche but creates several different kinds of work that allow for multiple price ranges. She sells smaller pieces like mugs and pendants on Etsy, and also has higher end sculptural pieces available.

View her Etsy shop here

#13 - Monique Duclos


Monique Duclos is a francophone potter who lives in St-Isidore, NB. She uses flowing rivers of colour in her work that give it an ethereal effect. I've never met Monique but I'd love to! She seems absolutely passionate about her work.

Monique Duclos est une potière francophone qui habite à St-Isidore, N-B. Elle utilise des rivières de couleurs dans ses pièces qui leur donne un effet sublime. Je n'ai jamais eu la chance de rencontrer Monique, mais j'aimerais bien! Elle semble être absolument passionnée de ce qu'elle fait.

#14 - Judy Blake

Judy Blake

Judy Blake

Judy Blake is about as accomplished a ceramics artist as you can get. She started out making functional pottery and has shifted toward more sculptural work, including unique vases and her signature birds. With many shows and awards under her belt and even some pieces in the Canada House in London, UK, she is one classy mud-worker.

Judy uses several unique techniques in her work, including saggar firing, sawdust firing and naked raku. Sounds risqué!

“Years ago as a young artist, I saw my first burnished pottery of the Southwest Native Americans and Northern Mexico. I was completely captivated by the sensual beauty and surface qualities of the unglazed pieces and the unpredictable firing processes used to create these timeless vessels. Since that time, I have endeavoured to emulate these fascinating surfaces.” - JB

You can see these guys and many more ceramics artist in the latest issue of CreatedHere magazine. Buy online or in select locations!