10 super-cute creative couples in NB, past and present

Creative Couples

Creative Couples

In honour of Valentine's day I thought I'd put together a quick post about some creative couples I've come across through CreatedHere. It may seem romantic to be an artist AND married to one, but I'm told that it can be equal parts challenging, frustrating, inspiring and awesome to share your creative passion with your significant other. These couples are like any other, with their struggles and successes, as they work hard to do what they love. Making art and sharing it can be one of the most vulnerable things you can do, and there is something special about doing it alongside someone who truly understands.

Happy Valentine's day to all you love-birds!

Here ya go!

1. Aidan and Erica Stanley 

Aidan, Erica and baby Tayo - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

Aidan, Erica and baby Tayo - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

Aidan and Erica are both metalsmiths and make gorgeous jewelry. They met through the jewelry department at the New Brunswick of College of Craft and Design apparently thanks to the match-making efforts of instructor Brigitte Clavette. They live and work out of their home in Queenstown, NB while raising their little guy, Tayo.

Queenstown Goldsmiths


2. Jamie and Alyson Brown

Jamie and Alyson are a super cute creative power couple from Sussex. Jamie is a metal artist and Alyson runs Legacy Lane Fibre Mill, while raising their children, Rowyn, Damon and Sena. They are always posting date night photos and encouraging each other's work, like when Jamie models Alyson's knitwear. This is LITERALLY Alyson's profile photo right now.

Jamie Brown Designs

Legacy Lane Fibre Mill


3. Serge V. Richard et Danielle Saulnier

Serge is a talented artist who works in many mediums, including paint, photography, metal, wood and glass. Danielle is a free spirit who uses all kinds of fibre art to create her work. They live and work in their home near Kedwick, NB.

Photo credit: Sylvie Mousseau

Danielle Saulnier

Serge V. Richard

4. John and Kathy Hooper


Saint John's art power couple. John is responsible for the iconic people  sculptures around Saint John and Kathy is a renowned artist and sculptor. These guys were instrumental in establishing the New Brunswick art scene as we know it. Here they are in South Africa before coming to Canada. John passed away in 2006. Photo from their daughter Tandi Hooper-Clark.

John Hooper

Kathy Hooper

5. Nick and Heather McCaig

Nick and Heather - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

Nick and Heather - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

Nick and Heather are two glass artists living in the heart of rural New Brunswick in the tiny house they built themselves. They are both talented glass-makers and look like they're having so much fun doing it!


Clairvoyant Art Glass

6. Bruno and Molly Bobak


Bruno and Molly were both war-time artists and two of the most celebrated artists from our beautiful province. They both went overseas during WWII to document the war through art. Molly was the first Canadian female war artist. In 1995 they both received the Order of Canada. These two were married for 67 years before Bruno passed away in 2012. Molly followed in 2014.



7. John and Joanna Pottle

John and Joanna - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

John and Joanna - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

John and Joanna are two creatives living in Saint John, NB. John is a visual artist who creates large, detailed paintings straight out of his imagination, and Joanna is a talented potter who is continually exercising her skill with clay. Joanna says John is the reason she became a potter, encouraging her to pursue her creative dreams and believing in her before she believed in herself. These two love the outdoors and get up to their lakeside family cottage as often as they can.



8. Joe and Gudi Pach

Joe and Gudi Pach - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

Joe and Gudi Pach - Photo by Marie-Hélène Morell

Joe and Gudi are jewelers and live outside Sussex, NB. They love to make jewelry in their upstairs studio, in the warmer months they tend their humongous garden, and every couple years they love to go on a big trip to get inspired.

You rarely see one with the other!


9. Lee and Yolande Clark


Lee and Yolande have been married for 9 years, and are raising their five children in Queenstown, NB. They are both talented ceramics artists, each with a distinct style. They juggle their artwork, children, regular firings of their giant anagama kiln, work, writing, and the list goes on. Never a dull day for these two!



10. Judith Mackin and Robert Moore


She's a fantabulous interior designer and entrepreneur and He's a writer and artist. I love seeing when their creativity meets, when he paints her portrait or comes up with poetry to decorate cushions or the windows at TUCK Studio, or when she hosts an elegant event to promote one of his books. Creative symbiosis.

Robert Moore

Judith Mackin

But wait! There's more!

I got so many answers when I put the question out there that I thought that I'd list the honourable mentions - so many artists to get to know!

Peter and Beth Powning

Jessica Doyle and Chris Day

Valerie Jean and Dan Gallagher

Vena Carr and Robert Gray

Denis Lanteigne and Monelle Doiron

Dawn Steeves and Micheal A. Doucet

Gina Brooks and Susan Sacobie

Paula Lentz and Luc Cyr

Ted Michner and Elaine Wilson

Patrick and Helen Stanley

Gwen Buchanan and John Ackerson

Rachel and Bob Morouney

Herménégilde Chiasson and Marcia Babineau

Mario Cyr & Louise LeBlanc

Bonnie and Jack Massey

Gillian Dykeman and Jared Peters

Sadie and Bryan Gagner

Happy Valentine's day everyone!


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